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Oak Steel Table – Built for eternity. Solid oak wood. Steel base. Handcrafted in Berlin. Available in different sizes. Starting from € 2,100*All prices include VAT. Additional shipping costs may arise..

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Material The table top is made of solid oak wood. We use wood with intensive grain, so each table is unique. We have left the natural shape of the tree for the long sides of the table top. The short sides are sawn straight. The table surface and edges are smooth. The table top is treated with high quality organic oil for a great natural look.

As a natural product, wood works and can develop cracks. This is completely normal and contributes to the natural patina of a wooden table. Cracks and knotholes that appear in the planks during production are filled with real wood and processed into a smooth surface.

We forge the frame by hand from stainless, powder-coated round steel suitable for the respective table top size. Choose between black and gold.
Care Careful treatment of the surface with organic hard wax oil protects the surface from stains and moisture. However, the protective effect is only short-term, so moisture should be wiped dry quickly. To increase the protective effect of the surface, the board can be occasionally re-oiled, so the still open pores close further and become increasingly water repellent. To do this, simply apply a thin layer of hard wax oil along the direction of the grain. If, however, a stain should occur: You can quickly and easily touch up stains with the included care instructions, a sandpaper and hard wax oil. The first stain can hurt, but we think a lived-in board with patina shows character. The beauty is: the wood panel can be easily sanded and re-oiled to look like new, even after decades. Wood is a natural product and can develop cracks in the first few months of adapting to a new indoor climate, which is completely normal and also contributes to the character of a wooden table.
Dimensions The table in the photos is 220 x 90 cm. We build the table in the height of 75 cm. The table top is 5 cm thick. Choose your desired size. You want to know how many chairs fit on the table? Take a look at our table of sizes. You calculate about 60 cm per seat.
Shipping Some table sizes are already in stock and can be delivered within a short time. The delivery times can be found in the size table. The table will be delivered by a forwarding agent and set up in your four walls. In addition, the forwarding agents take care of the environmentally friendly removal of the packaging. To save costs, you can also choose a delivery to the curb when ordering. Of course, we will also send you instructions on how to set it up as easy as child's play.
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