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Dining Room Guide

The dining room is a central place at home. Eating for hours with friends and family, enjoying the company, together at a large table. The idea of a truly special dining table as a centerpiece in the home and office marked the birth of our project.

The first step is to decide which dining table will work best in your room in terms of shape, size and material. If your dining room is small and narrow, a round table can improve traffic flow and save space. Square tables fit better in rectangular or square rooms and offer more seating space.

The next step is to choose the right size. The square table becomes a real centerpiece from a size of 220x90. However, it is more important that the table size matches the size of the room. In a small dining room, an angular table should be between 140 cm and 180 cm wide so as not to overload the room. In a larger dining room, choose a correspondingly larger table, the most popular sizes are 200 cm - 250 cm.

Round tables in smaller dining rooms are usually well chosen in the sizes 90 cm - 120 cm, in larger dining rooms the sizes 140 cm - 180 cm look very harmonious. There should be at least 80 cm of space around the table.

And of course, the materiality plays an important role in the sense of space. We have sworn by oak wood since the birth of our project. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were already making high-quality furniture by hand from oak. To this day, there is no other material that has so many positive properties in furniture construction. Its wood grain is fascinating, it lasts for centuries thanks to its particularly hard structure, it is very easy to care for compared to other types of wood and it favors the indoor climate. Oak wood develops a special patina over the years. That is why we build many of our tables from oak, as special companions for a long life.

The next step is to find the right seating for each table. Of course, these should match your personal style, but they should also be practical. Stools, for example, are practical seating at the table for several reasons. They save space, are flexible and easy to move. Modern stools such as the Oak Steel Stool offer comfort and are available in various materials, including travertine. They encourage social interaction and are versatile, not just for dining. Stools are a smart choice for many living situations.

Benches are a practical choice for seating at the table in several situations. They save space and offer plenty of seating, especially in small dining areas. They are ideal for family meals, creating a cozy atmosphere and promoting a shared experience. Benches go well with modern décor and are also versatile for use in hallways or entrance areas. We manufacture benches like the Oak Slim Bench in any desired length.

Chairs offer ideal comfort for extended dinners. Chairs that are also made of oak go well with an oak dining table and create a harmonious and timeless look. Alternatively, upholstered chairs or those with fabric covers can provide additional comfort and style. Metal options can also be used for a modern contrast. A particular signature piece is the upholstered Studio Chair in oiled oak and sustainably sourced leather.

The third step is to choose the right storage elements. They should not only be functional, but also match your personal style. In smaller dining rooms in particular, it makes sense to consider wall-mounted systems. Our solid oak shelving system goes perfectly with the corresponding dining table and can be customized in any size and version. Aluminum storage systems also offer a modern contrast to oak.

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