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Curtain Rail Guide

Whether in the bedroom, living room or dining room - the made-to-measure curtain rail is not only a practical element, but also sets aesthetic accents. This guide provides tips and inspiration and answers questions about the curtain rail.

The first step is the question of color. In addition to the colors black, white and stainless steel, there is also the option of powder-coating the Curtain Rail in a desired color. While the white rod is naturally discreet against light colors, the black Curtain Rail creates a contrast against light walls. In general, both classic colors fit into almost any interior. The silk matt finish of the robust powder coating gives the Curtain Rail a high-quality look. Of course, the curtains can also be pulled over the curtain rail using metal rings; the powder coating is strong and scratch-resistant.

The next step is to choose the length. We recommend an overhang of 10-20 cm on each side. If the window is 1.20 m wide, for example, we recommend a curtain rod 1.40 - 1.60 m long. This allows the curtains to be guided well to the side of the window so that the window lets daylight into the room.

If a window is too close to the wall, we can also manufacture the curtain rail on request so that it ends straight on one side. In this case, please send us a sketch with dimensions by email and we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

We can also customize longer curtain rails. Theoretically, there is no upper limit here, because from a length of 181 cm and longer, we usually manufacture the curtain rail in several parts to be plugged together. It then has a welded-in central strut as an additional wall connection strut. If the center brace is not required, we can also manufacture the Curatin Rail up to lengths of approx. 2.30 m without a center brace. However, we only recommend this for lighter curtains. If this is required, please simply send us an email with the desired dimensions and we will prepare a non-binding quotation.

Wall or ceiling? The Curtain Rail can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in just a few simple steps. In the case of wall mounting, the curtains hang approx. 8 cm in front of the wall.
We supply all the necessary plugs and screws. All you need is a drill to drill two holes in the wall at the desired position. Special metal anchor plugs are available from DIY stores for plasterboard. For extremely porous walls, there is a special plasticine adhesive available from DIY stores that you press into the porous hole before pushing in the plug. This ensures that the curtain rail holds extremely firmly even in extremely porous walls.

The two bolts supplied are then screwed on, onto which the Curtain Rail is attached and fixed with a small fixing screw. The Curtain Rail can then be easily removed, for example to clean the curtains.

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