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110 x 83 x 34 cm
110 x 180 x 34 cm
160 x 83 x 34 cm

Aluminum Shelf – Insertable boards from solid aluminum. Hand-welded. Available in multiple sizes. Starting at € 890*All prices include VAT. Additional costs for shipping may arise..

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Details The shelf with 6mm thick massive Aluminium floors is our statement to Longevity and appreciation more genuine, of untreated materials. With its simple form it forms the consequent continuation of our Industrial-Shelf line. Like all our control systems we manufacture the Aluminium Shelf on request in individual sizes. Standard size 110/34/180 cm (w/h/d).
Dimensions The Industrial Shelf on the photos is 180 cm high, 110 cm wide and 34 cm deep. As further standard sizes the 83 cm high version can be ordered with two shelves, as well as a flat wide version in the height 83 cm and the width 160 cm with two Shelves.
Shipping We manufacture each piece to order by hand. Some versions are available immediately and can be ordered on Warehouse. Available sizes and delivery times you will find in the variant selection. The Aluminium Shelf is either delivered by our freight forwarder and delivered on the I've set up your dream place in your four walls. In addition the furniture removers take care of the environmentally friendly disposal of the packaging. If you save costs, you can also use the order process to Select a delivery to the curb and Simply assemble the shelf yourself. The child's play Of course we will also send you instructions for this.
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