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Storage Guide

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right shelving system. Storage elements are not only practical, they also shape the character of the room and express your personal style. In this guide, we provide inspiration and tips on the right shelving system for every type of room.

Standing shelves are the all-rounders in the storage space universe. They offer plenty of space and can serve as room dividers. Narrow and high shelves draw the eye upwards due to their height, which visually stretches low rooms. Flat and wide shelves emphasize the length of the room and can also serve as a practical sideboard or bedside table if you have a lot of space in your bedroom. Use boxes and baskets to hide small items and give the shelf a tidy look. Wooden shelves blend in well with natural color palettes, while metal versions emphasize a modern character.

The Oak Shelf shelving system in oiled oak sets expressive accents with its pronounced lines and radiates a cozy warmth thanks to the oiled surfaces made of solid oak. Configure it freely according to your wishes and to suit your room. You can create your own personal signature piece in the configurator.

Open wall shelves are like windows into your personality. They make the room appear larger as they do not form solid surfaces. They create an airy atmosphere when filled with books, plants or decorative items. Remember not to overload them to avoid clutter. Floating shelves create a modern look and are particularly practical in small rooms, whether in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Oak wood adds patina, warmth and naturalness.

Closed sideboards are the secret bearers of storage space. They conceal clutter and at the same time provide a smooth surface for decoration. In minimalist rooms, they ensure order without stealing the focus. The Oak sideboard, with its simple design, creates a timeless elegance. Low sideboards open up the room.

Hanging wardrobes and shoe racks are particularly practical in small rooms. They ensure that things have their place and can also be easily combined into multi-level shelves. Configure the shoe rack in different sizes to suit your needs and your room.

A special signature piece is the Atelier shelf with its hand-turned cylinders made of solid oak. Tapered towards the top, they are reminiscent of a grown tree and lend the room an expression of the originality of nature, growth and stability. Carefully crafted by hand, the storage space objects are impressive unique pieces and make the living room a very special place. On request, we can produce the shelving systems in individual dimensions to suit the respective living room.

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