Circular Sofa Table – This sculptural sofa table combines round and geometric lines to create a minimalist, expressive form. A shatterproof glass top rests on three sturdy hand-turned solid oak columns. For € 2,150*All prices include VAT. Additional shipping costs may arise..

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Material The table top is made of shatterproof glass, the edges are smoothed and polished. The feet are made of solid oak wood built by hand on the lathe. We use wood with intense grain, so each table is unique. The surfaces are sanded smooth and treated with a high quality organic oil for a natural look.
Dimensions The table has a diameter of 100cm and a height of 40cm. The glass top is 10mm thick.
Shipping The Circular Table is handmade to order. The delivery time is about 3-4 weeks. The table is delivered by furniture shipping company.
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