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Livingroom Guide

The living room is the central spot at home. It's where we relax or meet with friends and family. Accordingly, it can be challenging to furnish the living room. We have collected inspiration and tips for decorating your living room.

You feel comfortable when things are tidy and have their place. Storage elements are not only practical, they also shape the character of the living room and express personal style. A signature piece as a storage element makes the living room a real eye-catcher. The aluminum shelf made of raw aluminum, for example, plays with light reflections and radiates a very special character through its materiality, which at the same time forms a beautiful contrast to warm materials such as oiled oak wood.

The Oak Shelf shelving system series in oiled oak sets expressive accents with its distinctive lines and radiates a comforting warmth through the oiled solid oak surfaces.

A special signature piece is the Atelier Shelf with its hand-turned cylinders of solid oak. Tapered towards the top, they are reminiscent of a grown tree and give the room an expression of nature's originality, growth and stability. Carefully handcrafted, the storage objects are impressive unique pieces and make the living room a very special place. Upon request, we can make the shelf systems in individual dimensions to fit the particular living room.

Essential for a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the living room is the sofa. It is usually the central area in the living room. Choosing the right materials here is crucial not only for the well-being, but also for the aesthetics and durability. With the sofa, it is also particularly worthwhile to pay attention to durability, so that you can enjoy the center piece for a long time. Covers should be removable and washable separately. Foams should have the highest possible density for the best possible comfort, and to stay in shape for a long time. The base should be sturdy and increase the comfort of the seat. We work with solid oak to guarantee the furniture a particularly long life.

When choosing a sofa table, size plays an important role. While a sofa table that is too small can quickly look lost and offer too little storage, a sofa table that is too large can quickly make the room look cramped. So the table should be a good balance in relation to the room and furniture, and be designed so that you can easily move around it. Here, especially if there is not too much space, a sofa table in an organic, round shape is a good choice. The shape of the sofa table also affects the feeling of space in the living room. Round shapes, especially in combination with angular furniture, make the living room look softer and cozier.

Accessories can significantly contribute to the cozy and valuable mood in the room and are an expression of a good eye for detail. Curtain Rails, for example, with their minimalist, expressive form, help shape the character of the room. We manufacture them by hand to fit the desired length. Their high-quality powder coating in satin white or black gives them a high-class finish.

Another important accessory, a matching rug contributes to the cozy feeling of space in the living room and is an expression of personal style. The high-pile hand-woven No10 rug in the picture below, made of natural wool from our partner studio Cappelen Dimyr, exudes a sense of value that matches the furniture and frames the central living zone around the sofa.

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