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Wall Hook

Solid oak wood, invisible steel fixture,
handcrafted in Berlin. € 30*All prices include VAT. Additional costs for shipping may arise.

20 cm long, 4 cm diameter. Let’s build one for you! For € 30*. Delivery within 10 business days.

* All prices include VAT. Additional costs for shipping may arise.


Oak Steel Table
All Oak Table
Oak Table Slim
Oak Steel Table Round
Atelier Table Round
Marble Table Round
Sofa Table
Side Table
Stone Table


Oak Linen Sofa
Studio Sofa
Oak Chair
Farmer's Chair
Oak Arm Chair
Lounge Chair
Studio Chair
Steel Stool
Steel Bench
Slim Bench
Stone Bench


Oak Bed
Oak Bed Linear
Oak Bed Futon


Oak Sideboard
Large Sideboard
Wall Board
Industrial Marble Shelf
Industrial Oak Shelf
Industrial Iron Shelf
Wall Hook
Book Board
Atelier Shelf
Aluminum Shelf


Diamond Mirror
Diamond Lamp
Oak Cake Stand
Industrial Ladder
Diamond Lamp
Photo Light
Pivot light
Tube Light
Curtain Rail
Cappelen Dimyr No. 01


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