Tube Light – Untreated aluminum. Dimmable linear lights. Mountable to the wall. For € 1,150*All prices include VAT. Additional shipping costs may arise..

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Material A solid, unfinished aluminum plate serves as the supporting element of the Tube Light. Due to the processing at the factory, each piece has a different surface characteristic. On the back, milled elements made of oak, which hold the electrics, enable a horizontal as well as vertical wall suspension of the Tube Light. The Tube Light is dimmable via a cord dimmer, creating a very pleasant lighting atmosphere even in the evening. The energy-saving, warm white light-emitting diode tubes are supplied and are particularly economical with 4.5 watts per bulb and have a very long shelf life with 250000 hours.
Dimensions The Tube Light has a height of 120cm and a width of 30cm. The depth is 8.5cm including bulb. The cable is 1.5 meters long. Optionally, a smaller version of the Tube Light is available.
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