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Large Sideboard – Built for eternity. Handcrafted. Oak wood. Meshed iron or oak doors. Custom sizes possible. For € 2,690*All prices include VAT. Additional shipping costs may arise..

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Material The Oak Sideboard Large is made of solid oak wood. We also manufacture the front doors in solid oak, or as a version with iron grilles. We use wood with intensive grain, so each sideboard is unique. Surfaces and sides are sanded smooth. For a natural look, the sideboard is treated with a high-quality organic oil.
Care Wood is by nature not water-repellent. To protect your surface, regular maintenance with oil helps. The best way is to use linseed oil or the oil in our care set.
Dimensions The sideboard measures 200 x 70 x 50 cm (width x height x depth). The extra large body offers plenty of storage space and has a subdivision so that the lower compartments at a height of 32 cm can also accommodate files. The upper compartments have a height of 12 cm.
Shipping Some variants are already in stock and can be delivered within a short time. You can find the delivery times in the variant selection. The sideboard will be delivered to your desired place in the apartment by a forwarding agent. The shipping company also takes care of the environmentally friendly disposal of the packaging.
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