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Oak Table Slim


€1,510 or from %{PRICE} per month 

Built for eternity. Handcrafted. Oak wood. Brass coated or iron base. Customize your individual look.

€1,510 or finance from %{PRICE} per month at %{PERCENT}%


Built for eternity. Handcrafted. Oak wood. Brass coated or iron base. Customize your individual look.


We will be happy to send you a sample to your home on request. To order the sample, simply click here.


We deliver the product to your front door with Comfort Delivery. With the optional Premium convenience delivery, we also offer delivery to the house/apartment and, if necessary, assembly. Request Premium comfort delivery here.

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  • WhatsizeshouldIchoose?

    It is important to consider how many people will generally sit at the table. For four people we recommend at least 120x70 cm, for 6 people 180x80cm, for 8 people 220x90, for 10 people 270x90cm or more. The table should be sized so that there is at least 70cm of space around the chairs to furniture or walls. The larger the table, the more impressive it looks. For a normal dining room is very often ordered size 220x90cm or 240x90cm.

  • Areshorterdeliverytimespossible?

    That depends on the current workload and the delivery location. Tables in Berlin and surrounding areas, for example, we can usually deliver much faster. Feel free to contact us by phone or mail for further questions.

  • Doyouofferanassemblyserviceforthefurniture?

    The table is basically very quick and easy to assemble. Whether an assembly service is possible depends on the place of delivery, but is possible in many places, such as Berlin. Feel free to send us a request by phone or email and specify the desired delivery location and floor.

  • CanIputthelegsnexttotheframeunderthetable?

    Yes, you can also sit close to the table feet and either place your legs to the left and right of the table leg or both legs on the same side close to the table leg. The bars facing the center of the table are angled sharply inward so they don't interfere much, which is hard to see in the pictures. Visitors to the Studio Store were often surprised at how well you can sit close to the table leg.

  • Doyoualsobuildmytableinacustomsize?

    Yes, this is possible. Please contact us by phone or by mail and tell us the desired dimensions. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a non-binding offer.

  • Arecustompaintjobspossible?

    Yes, this is possible. Please contact us with the color or ral tone you would like to have or the Ral-tone in which you would like to have the frame. We will then get back to you with an individual non-binding offer.

  • Isthefurniturescratchandstainresistant?

    Our furniture is treated with a high quality hard wax oil, which preserves the natural look of oak and provides good protection against moisture. You can find more information in the material guide.

  • Whatistheloadcapacityofthediningtables?

    The tables have a load capacity of over 150 kilograms.

  • Canyoumakeextendablediningtables?

    Yes, this is possible for selected tables, click on "Tables" in the menu to see all extendable models.

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