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Bedroom Guide

The bedroom is an anchor of rest and relaxation. Accordingly, it is important to design the bedroom appropriately. In this guide we give you inspiration and accompany you on the journey to your perfect oasis of peace.

The bedroom should reflect your personal style, and at the same time be functional and cozy. The first step is to choose the right feel-good bed in the right size to fit your room. You will enjoy the best sleeping comfort if your bedroom has enough space for a king size bed in 180cm or even 200cm width. However, you should allow at least 50cm, better more space around the bed to walk around well. If you are over 185cm tall, we will be happy to build a custom bed with extra length.

Oiled solid oak wood is not only a wonderful natural material that radiates warmth and comfort. Free from adhesives and chemicals, it contributes to a comfortable indoor climate. It is the perfect material for a long-lasting bed that retains its value. For well over one hundred years, oak gives itself time to grow - much more than most other trees. Oak is brimming with peace and serenity. And it radiates this in the beds we make using traditional craftsmanship. Emphasize the primal nature with a headboard with a natural edge, or choose a straight headboard for a classic style.

Thoughtful storage solutions are the secret to simultaneously express personal style, and visually create peace and a feel-good atmosphere. Aesthetic storage objects, which are at the same time practical, soothe and provide a restful sleep, but also a beautiful atmosphere during the day.

Closed storage elements like sideboards hide clothes, bedding and similar larger objects in the bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, they are also good objects to define different zones in the room. To make good use of space even in smaller bedrooms, think about hanging storage elements to give everyday items their permanent place.

The next step is nothing less than your privacy. A particularly aesthetically pleasing solution for this is the Curtain Rails. Available in white, black and natural steel, they create a discreet but high-quality aesthetic. We make them to fit your window size. The Curtain Rails receive their high-quality satin finish through a robust powder coating. We recommend a 10-20cm overhang on each side to allow the curtains to hang next to the window during the day and let in plenty of daylight.

A practical and at the same time aesthetic bedside table is for us an elementary element in a successful bedroom. Here find bedside lamp, book and a glass of tea place. Choose, for example, the Travertine Side Table to combine the oak bed with natural stone, or if there is a little more space next to the bed, contrast the oak, for example, with the Aluminum Shelf as an expressive signature piece of raw aluminum.

A carpet defines a zone and focal point in the room, especially in the middle and larger bedrooms. And creates a cozy atmosphere. We cooperate with the Swedish-Danish label Capellen Dimyr, who produce natural rugs by hand. Visit our Studio Store to discover the rugs and our collection in the flesh.

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